Experience the Powerful Impacts ofAniracetam

Experience the Powerful Impacts ofAniracetam

Aniracetam is popularly used by the nootropic users because it has the ability to increase cognition, boost mood, and reduce anxiety. It is priced at a moderate rate and it has little or no side effects when taken at recommended dosages. It is a racetam drug and like most of the racetams, it modulates the transmitters to a great extent. Most of the users of this nootropic have reported notable mood enhancing abilities. People have also reported improvement in verbal fluency and enhancement in social confidence. Though it is fat-soluble in nature it breaks down slowly that indicates its long-lasting effects.

People buy Aniracetambecause apart from the mood enhancing and the powerful cognitive properties it has very fewer side effects. Users may primarily feel mental gloominess but the effect is generally temporary in nature and within two days, the true nootropic effects start to evolve. The immediate effects may not be scientific but various studies have revealed significant improvements within 4-6 months. It acts very fast and crosses the barrier of the blood-brain within 30 minutes only. The half-life of this supplement is 1 to 3 hours and therefore multiple dosages are given within a period of time to maintain its effects.

The alternatives to Aniracetam

Piracetam is an alternative to this drug and both of them belong to the racetam drug family. Piracetam was developed before but Aniracetam is considered more potent. Due to this, dosages vary greatly and Piracetam dosages are more to get the effect. One advantage of Piracetam is that its half-life is more and its effects last between 6-8 hours. It improves the cognitive functions significantly and therefore, it can be alternatively used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Piracetam gives positive results during brain trauma and heart disease. It is water-soluble and so it is not required to be taken along with food.

Another alternative is RhodiolaRosea that is an herbal supplement and can improve mood and cognitive function. It reduces stress levels and can increase longevity. Moreover, it can also lessen physical and mental fatigue. It benefits everyone from the students to the athletes. This supplement can reduce fatigue and stress. It can reduce anxiety and improve mood. Noopept is a strong nootropic and another alternative that enhances mental ability, focus, memory, and learning and it also acts as a mild stimulant. Though Noopept is powerful yet its half-life is shorter than Aniracetam. It remains in the system for about 30-60 minutes.

Dosage recommendations

The dosage requirements vary from one individual to another but the people whobuy Aniracetam take the typical dosage between 750-1500 mg per day because this dosage is both safe and effective. The dosage of 3000 mg per day is well-tolerated. It is always advisable to begin with the minimum dosage and thereafter, the dosages can be increased in a gradual manner. The half-life is brief and therefore, the dosages are repeated at regular intervals. The dosages should be monitored very closely because the effects of this drug may reduce if too much quantity is available in our system.